Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2014: the bingos

During Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2014, information on the power tiles and the bingos were collected with the help of all the participants (statistics on the power tiles and the bingos can be found in my earlier post). A total of 712 bingos were played by the 20 participants over the course of 399 games (one game was a bye), all charted in the scatterplot below.

Hover (or click if you’re on a touch-screen device) on any points to see the detail on the bingos, and use any of the controls to highlight / focus on e.g. bingos by a particular player or of a particular length. Presumably of more interest would be bingos which are further from the coordinates origin, i.e. those which are either higher scoring (higher up on the chart) or of lower playability order as determined by Zyzzyva (further to the right).

Phoney bingos (5 of them) are also listed, with negative playability (i.e. left of the Y-axis). Of note is the 10-letter bingo DEVASTA(TED) played by Martin Teo, who is fast gaining reputation as a long-word specialist.

2 thoughts on “Causeway Scrabble Challenge 2014: the bingos

  1. Ricky Purnomo Post author

    I’m proud to note that I’m one of 3 players only whose bingos were all within the top 20K playability; yet my result is creditable. Who needs to study low probability bingos ?! 😉

  2. Ricky Purnomo Post author

    Updated to correct two bingos attributed to wrong players, which had left Martin Teo DEVASTATED.

    Just played around again: if you slide the left slider bar of the Probability Order selector to about 20,000, you can see one point sticking out at the lower end of the playability range that remains. That unique bingo is INQILAB; interesting to note how it have such high playability compared to its probability. This shows one of the reasons why I prefer to study by playability rather than probability.

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