My name is Ricky Purnomo and I am a competitive Scrabble player originally from Indonesia and based out of Singapore. I was the Singapore national champion in 2002, and I play regularly in international tournaments, including representing Singapore in two World Scrabble Championships.

This blog marries my passion for Scrabble with my fondness for data, analytics, and writing – all of which I’d be happy to do for a living. However, since that remains a dream, for now this blog will serve as an outlet for all of the above.

My dream is to see Scrabble elevated to the same status as professional competitive sports, and with it also for Scrabble data and statistics to be brought up to the same level as what we are seeing in media coverage of sports. I hope to use this blog to play around with ideas on interesting statistics, presentation styles, and possibility of prediction through analyses (always controversial yet attractive to sport punters).

The blog content will primarily be based on the Singapore Scrabble scene, simply because that is the scene where I am most familiar with and have most access to data. I do intend to write more on Scrabble in general and the international scene or other specific countries for which there are publicly available data. If you have data or topic idea that you are willing to share and think is worth exploring, I’d be happy to tinker around with it. (NB: I’ll qualify that I play to CSW dictionary and am unlikely to do any work on TWL-only topics.)

You can contact me at sonicrick78 at gmail.com , or leave a comment below.


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